Why our olive trees?

Centenary and millennial olive trees

On our lands there are examples of centenary and also millennial olive trees. These olive trees have been growing during years under the Mediterranean climate. A climate which is characterized for its hot and dry environment in summer, rainy autumn, mild winter and stormy spring.

In Suolivera, you will be able to choose the olive tree which you want to adopt during the whole year, and at the end of the season, you will have the opportunity to taste the olive oil of these privileged witnesses of our history which year after year have provided their fruits to passed generations.

Heritage conservation

The low profitability of the land generated during the last years forced a lot of farmers to abandon their lands and consequently the centenary and millennial olive trees have been threatened by a continuous pillaging.

Many citizens have seen dismayed how specimens that had spent many years resting on our lands disappeared from one day to the other. The pillaging of these olive trees has been a constant trend in recent years.

For this reason, and thanks to your adoption, Suolivera is committed to recover abandoned olive trees and protect them from pillaging into distant lands.

Quality of our olive oil

In order to extract a high quality olive oil from our olive trees, our philosophy is based on sustainable and ecological agriculture, using techniques and market products which are respectful with the environment and our olive trees. Therefore we are able to obtain this highly appreciated liquid gold thanks to our philosophy so that the consumers can enjoy the virgin extra olive oil of high quality with all its flavour.

Unique varieties of olives

On our lands there are different varieties of olive trees, among which the “Morrut”, the “Sevillenca” or the “Farga” stand out. These three varieties have the peculiarity that they can only be found in our closest territories and their olive oil presents gastronomic characteristics that are highly appreciated in the culinary world, since they are of high quality and presenting special flavours: a sweet taste, fruity, a little bitter and
with spicy touch.